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Ningbo Arnostanley Electrical Co., Ltd

About Arnostanley

Established in 2000, consisting of 2 factories with over 500 employees, Arnostanley is a safe manufacturer located in Ningbo China. Our product range covers variety of different safes such as Pistol Safes, Wall Safes, Hotel Safes, Medical Safes, Cash Boxes, Lock Boxes, Mail boxes, Ammo Boxes and etc. Besides CNC metal processing machines and other mechanical equipments, we have owned 14 high precise injection machines and a complete spray line, which provide us abilities to produce high quality engineered products at most competitive prices and in a timely manner. We are willing to share development, honor and harvest for customers. Welcome to visit Arnostanley!

  • 072022-4

    How Much Is The Smart Tool Cabinet

    In today's society, intelligent and technological products have attracted more and more attention. When the products in

  • 072022-4

    Tool Cabinet Production

    Made of thickened cold-rolled steel plate, all aluminum alloy handles;

  • 062022-4

    Safe Surface Treatment

    Surface treatment generally refers to the use of metal electrodeposition (commonly known as electroplating), coating (ca

  • 052022-4

    Safe Material Selection

    According to the national standard GB10409-2001 "Anti-theft Safe", the material requirements for the anti-theft safe are